Why Recycle & What is E-Waste?

Recycling reduces the amount of hazardous materials going into local landfills and the impact on the natural environment. Items such as paper, plastic, glass, and of course electronics or E-Waste.


E-Waste is a term for any electronic products/equipment that have become obsolete and are no longer wanted (similar to clothes going out of style).

Since technology rapidly changes, disposing of these unwanted items properly , such as cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. is EXTREMELY important. Precious metals and retrieved from devices and lithium ion batteries are disposed of safely, as they can be toxic if not disposed of correctly.

That's where RISE comes in! we take these "out-of-style" obsolete items and make sure they are properly recycled. In some cases, if we can refurbish items that may not be working, then re-sell it at a discounted rate!


Did we mention we're non-profit? pretty cool huh? your donation(s) not only help the environment, but it also helps low-income individuals in the community, by creating employment opportunities! Go ahead, pat yourself on the back.


This is how it works!

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Privacy is priority.

We take privacy seriously. Our policy for any donated computer hard drives guarantee that they are wiped clean and/or destroyed within 48 hours of donation. 

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